Ingrid Andress’ favorite hobby includes flowers, hearts and ‘raunchy’ rap lyrics: “It’s just so funny to me”


When Ingrid Andress isn’t writing new songs or touring, you can probably find her enjoying a hobby she picked up as a home-schooled kid: cross-stitching.

“I used to cross-stich when I was younger, and now I love cross-stitching rap lyrics,” the singer says. “It’s just so funny to me. I don’t know why my brain thinks that’s hilarious, but cross-stitching weird, raunchy rap lyrics with, like, flowers and hearts around [them] just brings me so much joy, and I have no idea why.”

Hopefully Ingrid’s friends and family feel the same way — she says she likes to spread that joy around, especially during the holidays.

“I used to do them as Christmas gifts,” she continues, explaining that she either keeps it in the hoop she uses to make it so the gift recipient can hang it on their wall, or she cross-stitches a pillow or napkin for them.

Ingrid says she’s waiting for the perfect cross-stitch craft to make for herself. “I haven’t kept one for me yet. Usually I just give them away,” she continues.

Ingrid may be cross-stitching in her free time, but she’s currently hard at work on musical pursuits. She released her latest new song, “Seeing Someone Else,” earlier this month.

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