Michael Bublé jokes that his kids tanked their big acting debut in his video

Charles Sykes/Bravo

If you’ve seen Michael Bublé‘s video for “I’ll Never Not Love You,” you probably know that the final shot reveals that his wife, Luisana Lopilato, is pregnant with their fourth child. That scene also features a rare joint appearance by the couple’s kids: sons Noah and Eli, and daughter Vida. But as Michael tells ABC Audio, getting that shot — in which the kids walk out of a grocery store with their parents — was much harder than it might have seemed.

“That took like 15 takes and there were all unusable!” Michael laughs. “[The kids] were fighting. They were cold. Vida was crying, Eli pulled her hair. And so we finally took the one that was just good enough. And in that one, my son Noah kept staring at the camera!”

And as Michael notes, his efforts to stop Noah were ineffective, because, the singer suspects, the kid has inherited his love of being in the spotlight.

“I kept saying, ‘Babe, don’t look! Don’t look at the camera!'” Michael says with a laugh. “But he couldn’t help himself…he just couldn’t help himself! So there’s some Poppy in there, I think. You know, he saw the camera [and went], ‘Oooh! Camera! Oooh! Attention!'” 

Noah also seems to have inherited some musical talent from his Poppy: Not only can the eight-year-old play piano, but he actually co-wrote the title track of Michael’s latest album, Higher.

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