Keyshia Cole claps back at Antonio Brown for “disrespectful” comments; attorney Ben Crump urges Biden to pass anti-Black hate crime bill

Leon Bennett/WireImage

–Just a few days ago Keyshia Cole shared images to Instagram that looked like she was enjoying a good time with NFL player Antonio Brown, expressing that she misses him “a lot.” The images sparked dating rumors that AB has since shot down, most recently in a “disrespectful” manner, according to Keyshia. 

In an Instagram Live video shared by The Shade Room Tuesday, AB told the 40-year-old singer, in a not-so-nice way, to leave him alone. “Keyshia Cole, you know, I’m a player man, we don’t want you, Keisha. Stay off my ****, you heard.”  

Keyshia responded that she was “big trippin” for showing him love. “I have a 12 year old. Like that type disrespect for what.. Nothing is worth that level of disrespect, especially when u don’t deserve it…”

The back and forth started when AD posted a video of what appears to be his initials tattooed on a woman’s body with the caption, “You Ain’t Pimpin Until You Hit An RnB Diva.”

–As a result of the race-fueled Buffalo supermarket shooting last weekend, civil rights attorney Ben Crump is calling on President Joe Biden to pass the anti-Black hate crime bill. 

Speaking to ABC News’ Linsey Davis on behalf of Ruth Whitfield, one of the 10 victims, Crump urged the president to work with Congress to pass legislation to help protect Black Americans from the continued acts of senseless violence.

“We’re going to fight to do what they believe their mother would want,” Crump said standing alongside Whitfield’s children, as reported by The Shade Room. “That is to get some positive change to come from this tragedy. That’s why we’re saying to President Biden and the United States Congress, pass the anti-Black hate crime bill.”

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