Expecting Bishop Briggs “bask[s] in the naivety of it all” while celebrating first Mother’s Day

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Coachella

This month, Bishop Briggs celebrated her first Mother’s Day.

The “River” artist, who revealed this past April that she’s expecting her first child, tells ABC Audio that she was “curious” what Mother’s Day would mean to her, given her own mother’s opinion on the holiday.

“I definitely grew up with a mom that felt every single day is Mother’s Day,” Bishop laughs. “She was very particular that we wouldn’t celebrate on Mother’s Day, it should be happening every day of the year.”

On her Mother’s Day, Bishop found the occasion to be a “really nice day to just be connected to whatever is gonna be happening soon.” She also saw it as opportunity to start a new Mother’s Day tradition — that is, however, before reality took over.

“In the morning, my husband and I just had breakfast in bed, and I was, like, ‘Every Mother’s Day, we should do this! Just a chill breakfast in bed!'” Bishop laughs. “And I just realized how naive I sounded. Even if there’s breakfast in bed, it is gonna be chaotic.”

She adds, “It was nice that this first year we could sort of, like, bask in the naivety of it all of, like, ‘Wow! It’s just so calm!'”

The same day Bishop announced her pregnancy, she released two new songs, “High Water” and “Art of Survival.” Both tracks were written about her sister, Kate, who passed away last year.

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