‘Conversations with Friends’ cast talks messy relationships and conversation starters

Enda Bowe/Hulu

Conversations with Friends takes the “it’s complicated” relationship status to a whole new level.

The Hulu adaptation of Sally Rooney’s debut novel, from the same team that brought us 2020’s Normal People, follows the intersecting relationships between four people. Alison Oliver and Sasha Lane play best friends and exes Frances and Bobbi, who become entangled with a married couple, Nick and Melissa, portrayed by Joe Alywn and Jemima Kirke.

“I was really interested in kind of, I guess, the dynamic between these four characters and how, you know, when one shifts how it affects all the others,” Oliver says of what drew her to the story.

It’s a four-way affair of sorts, which Alwyn and Oliver can only describe as “a mess.” “I guess it’s a really productive ‘love mess,’ in a way,” Oliver laughs.

One thing’s for sure — the show is definitely a conversation starter. So what conversations are the cast hoping to spark when people watch?

“I hope maybe they’re, like, sitting with their partner and they’re like, ‘Would you ever…?’ And I just want to see how that one unfolds,” Lane says.

“I would like to see people have the F***, Kill, Marry conversation after they watch this,” Kirke adds, laughing.

Conversations with Friends debuts this Sunday on Hulu.

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