Lizzo says we’re all doing that viral “About Damn Time” dance craze wrong

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Lizzo is not hating the fact that she spawned a TikTok dance craze thanks to her new hit “About Damn Time,” but the Grammy winner has one tiny request: Put your heart into it.

Taking to TikTok on Wednesday, Lizzo called out the people who aren’t dancing to the song as if their life depended on it.

“I’m tired of seeing it, okay?,” the singer expressed with mock anger before setting down the phone so she could back up fully into frame.

Leaning into an aggressive alter ego that would be at home on Dance Moms, Lizzo then delved into the song’s choreography step-by-step, stressing that each move should be done with deliberate passion.  

“It’s About! Damn! Time!,” she instructed while clapping loudly between each word before repeating a less-enthused version of the move and declaring, “Not it’s ‘About Damn Time.'”

Lizzo encouraged those who want to join in on the dance craze to throw their whole body into it, even when it comes to the more sensual moves. Her tone grew more exacerbated as she went over the choreography, declaring that she doesn’t appreciate people’s half-hearted attempts at it.

The funniest part came at the end, when Lizzo stuck her arms over her head and waved her hands around for the “Balenci-enci” part. The singer showed how many times one needs to rotate their hands before pantomiming how she’s seeing other people do it, and asked, “What the hell is this?!”

Some fans felt called-out by Lizzo’s comedic post, with one remarking, “She prob saw my video.”  Others vowed to redo their videos with the right amount of gusto.

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