Charlie Puth mourns death of beloved dog: “His tiny spirit lingers on”

JC Olivera/Getty Images

Charlie Puth is mourning the death of his beloved dog, Brady.  The “Light Switch” singer shared the heartbreaking news on Wednesday, along with a recent photo of the two hanging out by the pool.

“Brady the King Charles Cavalier moved on to puppy heaven last night after spending an amazing 15 years here on earth,” Charlie wrote on Instagram. “And although he physically won’t be here anymore, his tiny spirit lingers on and I can’t wait to catch glimpses of that.”

Citing his 2014 Grammy-nominated song, Charlie ended the post with, “I shall see you again someday tiny dog.”

Many of Charlie’s famous friends expressed their condolences, including OneRepublic‘s Ryan TedderPatrick Schwarzenegger and actor John Owen Lowe.

Charlie doted on Brady over the years and even credited his dog for scoring him dates back in the day.  He told MTV in 2015 that he took the pup on his “first date ever” because he was so nervous.

“She was like, ‘Oh my gosh I have a King Charles Cavalier, too!’ I’m like, ‘Money, perfect, amazing,'” he recalled, noting Brady was the best wingman.

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