Camila Cabello hopes discussing her body struggles encourages fans to not idolize celebrity bodies

Arturo Holmes/Getty Images for Variety

Camila Cabello admits she struggles to love her body, which is why she decided to speak out about it in hopes of connecting with fans who feel the same way.

Last month, Camila shared a lengthy note about paparazzi snapping unflattering photos of her and how that negatively impacts her mental health.  Now she tells People she wants to reach others who also struggle with their body image.

“People can often look at these pictures of celebrities and want to change their diet or aspire to that,” she said.  “I thought it was important for me to be like, ‘Hey, this isn’t necessarily something to aspire to. I might look a certain way, but I’ve had a really s***ty time, and that’s not a good way to be.”

“I don’t have a solution for it, and I struggle with it all the time, even after that post,” Camila admitted. “At the Met [Gala], I struggled with it too.”  She added, “It’s an ever-present struggle, and I think a lot of women feel that way.”

As for what helps her with these anxieties, Camila credits her friendship with Selena Gomez.  “She is somebody that’s always been so supportive,” Camila revealed. “I feel like she’s never pretending, and I don’t feel like I have to pretend around her. Those are the most worthwhile friendships.”

“Women like her being so vulnerable and honest with their feelings is such a guiding light for me, and I think it’s going to alleviate a lot of people coming after her, after me, in the industry, that feel like they have to be perfect,” she said.

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