Thomas Rhett is prepping hard for tour season: “We rehearse ourselves into the ground”


Thomas Rhett’s Bring the Bar to You Tour launches next month, and by the time it does, he’ll be ready: The singer says he and his band are getting serious about rehearsals.

“We rehearse ourselves into the ground, so that the first show of the tour doesn’t feel like the first show of the tour,” he explains, according to CMT. “It already feels like you’re in your rhythm.

Of course, all that practice can be pretty grueling — “I think the band, at times, has definitely wanted to kill me, just for the amount of time we rehearse,” TR notes — but the singer says he knows from experience how important it is to be ready when you hit the stage.

“I’ve done so many cold starts to tours, especially in my early days, that I never wanted to experience that when I became a headliner,” he adds.

The Bring the Bar to You Tour launches June 17. The run takes its name from a song off of Thomas’ latest album, Where We Started, featuring the lead single “Slow Down Summer.” He’s got a massive batch of new music to choose from in his set list, with more to come soon: The singer’s said he plans to release Side B of his Country Again project at a later date this year.

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