Dreezy teams with Coi Leray for “Balance My Lows”

Amy Sussman/Getty Images/ Raymond Hall/GC Images

Dreezy and Coi Leray are getting us ready for summer with their empowering anthem, “Balance My Lows.”

The track is full of layered Autotuned vocals and a swaying beat as the two rap about being validated by the amount of money they’ve made, and looking back at when they had nothing in their bank account. 

“Tryna balance look at where my lows/ Yeah goin’ thru some s*** that no one knows/ Every time that I was down I lift my dough, yeah,” Dreezy raps. 

The track also calls attention to the “brand new Rollie flood my wrist” that’s “full of diamonds.”

“I used to put this s*** on layaway/ Now we gon’ see better days,” Coi raps,”F*** whoever in the way/ Just pour up let’s get faded.”

“Balance My Lows” is gearing fans up for Dreezy’s debut album HITGIRL, which drops next Friday, May 20.  The album is now available for pre-order.

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