Andy Grammer explains why he’s embraced being known as music’s “positive guy”

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Andy Grammer says he knows the secret of connecting with others, and it has something to do with being known as “the positive guy” in music.

Speaking with Billboard‘s Behind the Setlist podcast, the “Saved My Life” singer explained why he’s embraced the moniker, even though it’s “cheesy.”  Said Andy, “We all need optimism.”

“We all need a reason to jump out of bed,” he continued. “We all need to go into our soul. It’s just that it comes with so much cynicism that unless you’re doing it at such a high level and so aggressively, it doesn’t get in. But if you do get in, you’ll have fans for life that’ll show up every single time you come through.”

Andy first burst onto the music scene with his 2010 hit “Keep Your Head Up,” which he wrote in the memory of his mother, Kathy Grammer, who died of breast cancer the year prior.  

Andy noted that his songs tend to look on the bright side of things, and understood that fans have come to expect that of him. 

“I feel so blessed that [with] this art form it’s expected that you play your repertoire,” Andy explained.  “It’s just like not the case with other art forms. If you’re an actor, you do your thing and then you gotta go do another thing. And when you show up to your next set, I imagine you’re almost have to let go of all that because people don’t want to see that guy anymore. You got to get into this new role.”

Whereas in music, Andy says, “they’d be p***ed if I don’t play the best stuff that I’ve had over the last 10 years.”

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