If you post your music on TikTok, chances are GAYLE has seen it

David Livingston/Getty Images

GAYLE says she loves checking out other singers when scrolling through TikTok — meaning, if you post videos of you singing in your bedroom, chances are she’s seen it.

“My favorite thing to look at on TikTok, most of the time, is just people posting their music,” the “abcdefu” singer told Seventeen. “They’re just in their bedrooms or in the bathrooms writing songs and they’re really beautiful!  The lyrics are just so stunning.”

GAYLE says she also enjoys looking at videos posted by “college students that are writing songs, even like the Berkeley kids, and their songwriting classes.”

“That’s something I really enjoy watching, or even just people playing instruments really well in ways that I could just never,” she continued. “I’m just like, ‘That’s awesome!'”

The 17-year-old hitmaker later revealed the artist she most wants to collaborate with is “Issues” singer Julia Michaels.  “I’m just going to say this over and over again until maybe, one day, she pays attention and then she can tell me ‘no’ to my face,” GAYLE joked, adding she’s “totally fine with” that.

“No pressure.  I love you and I will love you from afar,” she remarked.  “But call me.”

Gayle also revealed she wanted to be a singer since she was seven.  “I was watching this compilation of Aretha Franklin  — it was like a 15-, 30-minute video — and when I was watching it, I was just like, ‘That’s it!  That’s what I wanna do with my life,'” she recalled.  “What she was doing was just so inspiring and so powerful and I just felt something I had never felt before.”

GAYLE teased she “will definitely have more music out” and “performing more” sometime soon, adding she will also be “possibly doing some fun stuff outside of music.”

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