Harry Styles plays with a baby in behind-the-scenes video for “As It Was”

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for ABA

Harry Styles treated fans Tuesday by sharing a behind-the-scenes video for “As It Was.”

The clip starts with Harry rolling across the floor with his costar, actress Mathilde Lin, before jumping to rehearsals.  Harry shares the work that went into each shot, from filming multiple takes to all the staging that went on to ensure each shot was perfect.

The video also shows everyone dancing on the rotating floor for the first time, which is pretty noisy, and also lets fans see what it looked like before it was finished.  While it looks like a giant UFO on the ground in the music video, Harry revealed its simplistic design — a circular slab that moves using a motor and wheels.

Other scenes show Harry trying to take off his shoe, busting some dance moves and pretending to do kung fu with members of the crew.  The “Adore You” singer also enjoyed some quality time with an infant, raising the baby over his head like that iconic scene in The Lion King and then cuddling the child until it begins crying for its mother, which causes others in the room to erupt into laughter.

Harry also included footage of everyone celebrating when filming wrapped, which includes thunderous applause and plenty of hugs.

“As It Was” is featured on the singer’s upcoming album, Harry’s House, which arrives May 20.

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