DaniLeigh seemingly addresses ex-boyfriend DaBaby in her new single, “Dead to Me”

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

(NOTE LANGUAGE) In her new single, “Dead to Me,” DaniLeigh isn’t holding back her negative feelings towards a certain “someone” in her life…and that “someone” seems to be her rapper ex-boyfriend and father to her baby daughter, DaBaby

In the track, which dropped Tuesday, the “Lil Bebe” singer confesses her extreme dislike for whomever caused “toxic energy” in her life. 

The chorus of the new song goes, “You know you dead to me, never kept your word with what you said to me/ You know you dead to me, I ain’t got no more time for toxic energy, oh no/ Mama never liked yo’ a**, brotha wanna fight yo’ a**, Daddy hate yo’ triflin’ a**.”

The close-to-three-minute track is said to address her hurtful and highly publicized unhealthy relationship with DaBaby, which lasted a little over a year, according to reports. 

Their time together was marked with numerous fights and altercations made public for the world to watch. What may have been the last straw for DaniLeigh was the assault charged she faced as a result of a vicious argument, shared via IG live, after the singer accused DaBaby with kicking her and her newborn out of his North Carolina home. 

After announcing her pregnancy in July of last year, DaniLeigh gave birth to her first child, Velour, whom she shares with the “Suge” rapper. 

In honor of Mother’s Day this past Sunday, she penned a sweet message to her daughter on Instagram, thanking her baby girl for “giving me purpose.”

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