Writing songs, touring and….rockhounding? The Chicks’ Natalie Maines explains her unusual hobby

Noam Galai/Getty Images

The Chicks are headed out on the road this summer, and while the whole band’s excited about seeing their fans and traveling across the country, frontwoman Natalie Maines is also looking forward to pursuing one of her more unexpected hobbies.

“I’m planning on coordinating a rockhounding tour that correlates with our music tour, and I hopefully will be rockhounding every day,” the singer tells People.

That’s right: When she’s not working on music, Natalie is hunting down rocks and agates. “It’s as geeky probably as metal detecting, which I could get into. I polish rocks. I have a whole cabbing machine. I’m a little crazy for rocks,” she elaborates.  Cabbing, by the way, is turning stones into cabuchons — that is, of a size and shape that can be made into jewelry.

One other thing that fans might not know about Natalie? She’s not a huge fan of one of the Chicks’ earliest hits, and so they haven’t played it in two decades.

“One song that was our first number-one that we haven’t played in over 20 years because I don’t care for it is ‘There’s Your Trouble,’” she says. But on the upcoming tour, the Chicks will play a game, rolling a six-sided dice to randomly select one of six songs to play onstage.

“[It’s] in the six songs, so we will be playing ‘There’s Your Trouble’ for the first time in over 20 years,” she adds.

The Chicks’ tour starts on June 14.

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