Metallica fan gives birth during band’s Brazil concert

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

No matter how metal you think you are, you’ll probably have a tough time beating the baby who was literally born to the sound of a live Metallica show.

Luan Figueir√≥ was born at Metallica’s concert in Brazil this past Saturday, May 7. Luan’s mom, Joice, shared her story in an Instagram post that Metallica later re-posted to their Story.

In the post, Joice explains that she was 39 weeks pregnant, and watched the show while sitting in the accessible section. She continued to feel fine after opening sets from Greta Van Fleet and Ego Kill Talent and for most of Metallica’s performance, but toward the end of the show, she started to feel contractions.

Joice’s water soon broke, and the ambulance didn’t have time to bring her to a hospital’s maternity ward.

“He was born right there…to the sound of Metallica,” Joice wrote.

While the experience was obviously overwhelming, Joice added that she’s feeling “great physically.”

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