Country stars kick back: See how Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton + Thomas Rhett relax on a day off

ABC/Lou Rocco

Even with the most hectic touring schedules in the country music business, stars occasionally find a day to relax here and there — and when they do, many are typically opting for outdoor leisure activities.

Thomas Rhett recently envisioned his perfect day to Today’s Hoda Kotb on her Making Space with Hoda Kotb podcast, qualifying that if his wife and kids were somewhere else, he’d spend the day off fishing on a lake somewhere out West.

Luke Bryan’s perfect day off looks a little bit similar to TR’s, minus the “out West” part: The singer and American Idol judge recently shared a snapshot of his “much needed” day off on the water, complete with a can of his very own Two Lane beer.

Meanwhile, Blake Shelton opts for drier pastimes: This week, the star shared video of himself out on his Oklahoma ranch, gleefully running after a red tractor and yelling “We’re farming! I love it! We’re farming!”

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