Britney Spears says she doesn’t do music anymore because of the “awful things” she went through

Gabe Ginsberg/FilmMagic

Britney Spears laid out another lengthy Instagram post Monday addressing why she’s no longer doing music.

The singer said she’s not making or performing new music because of the “awful things” that were done to her.
“So much wasted time to only embarrass me and humiliate me and I guess it seems odd to most now why I don’t even do music anymore,” she wrote.

She added that after what she’s been through, she’s “scared of people and the business.”

“They really hurt me!!!!!!” she said. “Not doing music anymore is my way of saying ‘F*** you’ in a sense when it only actually benefits my family by ignoring my real work.”

Britney also addressed one of her since-deleted posts from last week, in which she listed some of her accomplishments and promised to be her “own cheerleader.” She admitted to having “serious insecurities” and felt she may have come across as an “obnoxious 8 year old” by rattling off her career milestones, but she explained why she did it.

“Honestly my family embarrassed me and hurt me deeply… so tooting my own horn and seeing my past accomplishments reflecting back at me actually helped!!!!” she wrote.

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