“I love you dad!”: Chris Young gifts his father a new truck for Christmas


Chris Young gave his dad the ultimate Christmas present this year. 

On Monday, the hit singer shared a video that shows him gifting his father, Michael Harris, a new truck. In the clip, Chris is seen leading his dad outside where he’s surprised to see a new silver Chevrolet sitting in the driveway. A look of disbelief is splashed across Michael’s face as he realizes it’s for him.

The video also includes a close-up shot of the shiny new truck in a parking lot before it’s delivered to Michael. The father and son share a heartfelt hug as Michael Buble‘s “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” plays in the background. 

“My dad has been driving the same truck for well over a decade. I decided he needed a new one this year. I love you dad!” Chris writes alongside the heartwarming video. 

“You are the best,” one fan praises in the comments, while another writes, “The way he looked at you! You’re a good son!”

“Beautiful truck! I am sure your dad is very deserving of your gift,” shares another fan. 

Chris has been open about his close relationship with his dad, who battled lung cancer in 2009 and has since been in remission.

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