Lizzo empowers her fellow artists to “make the music YOU love”


Lizzo was overwhelmed with emotion after learning former President Barack Obama crowned her “Rumors” collab with Cardi B one of his favorite songs of 2021.  The singer used the honor to show her fellow artists why it’s important to follow their heart when making music.

Reflecting on the unexpected recognition, Lizzo said Friday on Instagram, “Whew! I needed this right now.”  She then offered her sincere advice to those who are working hard to become famous through their music, saying they instead should work on making music that resonates with people.

“Listen ya’ll— there’s amazing music that isn’t viral, that isn’t charting, that don’t have a TikTok trend… My music touches people— don’t believe me, ask Obama,” the Grammy winner said. “Artists don’t be discouraged— make the music YOU love and believe in and the rest will follow!”

She then expressed her gratitude to the former president for selecting “Rumors” as part of his year-end roundup.

“Rumors” was released on August 13 and mocks all the nasty lies her critics spread about her on the internet.  The main message of the clap-back anthem is to tell haters to focus on the bigger problems of the world and stop obsessing over what she chooses to do with her body and spare time.


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