Hear Taylor Swift’s “Ivy” soundtrack Hailee Steinfeld’s love scene in the new episode of ‘Dickinson’

Courtesy Apple TV+

Fans of Taylor Swift and the Apple TV+ show Dickinson — but particularly those EmiSue stans out there — will be greeted by “Ivy” in a very special scene in the show’s ninth episode.

Dropping today, the penultimate episode of the series sees real-life poet Emily Dickinson, played by Hailee Steinfeld, in an intimate scene with her longtime forbidden love, Susan Gilbert, played by Ella Hunt

“Ivy,” from Taylor’s album evermore, sets the mood for the scene onscreen, and it did the same while the two actresses filmed, Hunt tells ABC Audio.

“I loved that song before we started shooting,” Hunt explained. “And the first time we shot that scene, I was trying to hold back tears from my eyes. It felt so meaningful, because we were listening to the song as we were getting it on.”

“It was a lot,” Hunt admits of the combination of the emotional scene and the song, before adding with a laugh, “It was very impactful!”

Incidentally, this isn’t the first time Taylor has been linked to Emily Dickinson: Fans have speculated that evermore was inspired by her. The album was announced on December 10, Emily’s birthday, and Dickinson ended her poem “One Sister I Have in Our House” with the word “forevermore.”

For the record, Dickinson star and producer Hailee — a friend of Taylor’s — admitted that she’d heard those rumors too, and told a U.K. radio station earlier this year that she was “dying to find out” if they’re true. As she put it, “The clues are lining up!”

You may recall that Hailee was one of the many female celebs who co-starred in Taylor’s video for “Bad Blood.”

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