Young Guns & new tunes: Mammoth WVH & Dirty Honey are working on fresh material ahead of joint tour

Credits: Bryan Beasley; Daniel Prakopcyk

Mammoth WVH and Dirty Honey may have some new tunes holstered for their upcoming Young Guns tour.

Speaking with ABC Audio, both Mammoth’s Wolfgang Van Halen and Dirty Honey’s Marc LaBelle reveal that they plan to work on fresh material ahead of the co-headlining outing, which kicks off in January.

“I’ve seen people online [saying], ‘Oh, this is gonna be my third Mammoth show!'” Van Halen says. “And it’s, like, ‘Well, s***, we better play some new stuff!'”

Wolf, who released the debut Mammoth album this past June, adds that he’s been “looking forward to getting in the studio,” and he already has “a bunch of fully realized ideas.”

“I think why not throw one or two of them in the set every night to kind of have that little mini audition in the middle of there to gauge on crowd reaction, if it’s worth it,” he says.

LaBelle, meanwhile, feels he and his band mates are “just now starting to get into that writing phase” to follow Dirty Honey’s first full-length, which dropped in April.

“It just feels like the right time to be writing,” LaBelle says. “We’re gonna be exploring ideas the next couple months here before we go out.”

LaBelle adds that he feels the road is a great place to workshop new stuff.

“One of the most productive spots to write in is at soundcheck when all your stuff is set up at a venue and you can really get a sense for how a song is gonna go over at a venue,” he says. “I think that’s really a priceless thing of being on tour, is having that opportunity.” 

The Young Guns tour launches January 18 in Philadelphia.

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