Jessie J promises she is “not quitting on my happiness or myself” after miscarriage


Jessie J is sharing more about her healing journey after losing her pregnancy last month.  The “Domino” singer took to Instagram and shared her hopes for the future.

Accompanied by a video reel of her goofing off with a friend in New York City, Jessie admitted, “Still not myself. Still cry myself to sleep some nights. Still working it all out. Still fighting.”

“Not quitting on my happiness or myself. This year was phew,” she continued. “But I will keep climbing out of the sadness, my happiness is my responsibility, not anyone else’s. I will not be putting bandaids on the problems and heavy feelings but really feeling them and healing them.”

The singer also noted that she has to “practice what I tell everyone else to do in these damn songs” before shouting out one of her friends for being right by her side through the worst of it.

“Thank you @ohhalx for 24 hours of crying, laughing, eating and finding inspiration in the little things in life. The support is needed more than you know,” she closed, before proving that she is starting to return to her old self.  She signed off by joking that, even though the two are no more than friends, fans are “free to imagine” otherwise because “it would be hot.”

The British singer first revealed her miscarriage in late November.


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