Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams react to becoming #CoupleGoals at the People’s Choice Awards

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Sarah Hyland and fiancé Wells Adams woke up on Wednesday to people gushing over their adorable interactions at the People’s Choice Awards, such as Wells adjusting Sarah’s two-piece white Vera Wang dress as they walked the red carpet.

“There was a lot going on in that dress! Things needed to be poofed and fluffed,” Wells told ABC Audio. “If I’m known for anything, it’s my ability to poof and fluff… My gravestone is going to be, like, ‘Really good on red carpets, making sure things are poofed!'” 

The two are glad their innocuous exchange brought smiles to so many faces because, as the Bachelorette alum says, “It has been a tough year, but we’re ending it on such a positive and good vibe!”

Another positive vibe is Sarah’s new show, Play-Doh Squished, arriving Friday, December 10, on IMDb TV and Amazon Prime Video.

“It’s so stinking cute.  It’s a Play-Doh competition show… It is so freaking cute and is perfect for the holidays for families,” Sarah, who hosts the series, raved. “We have this one little girl in the show.  Her name is Dorothy and she’s a star.  If you watch it for anything, you watch it for Dorothy.”

Sarah and Wells are also looking forward to hosting their family — and their dogs — for Christmas.

“I think there will be one to three or at least five dogs, if not more at our house,” said the Modern Family alum — and Wells interjected, “And they’ll probably jump up on the table and eat all of our food, which happens every year.”

Speaking of pets, the couple is teaming with Petco for a Facebook Live holiday shopping event to share gift ideas and help find homeless animals their forever family.  It airs Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. PT.

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