Demi Lovato says they are no longer “California sober”

Rich Fury/Getty Images for Global Citizen

Demi Lovato has entered a new chapter in their sobriety journey.  On Thursday, the “Confident” singer revealed they have cut alcohol and marijuana completely out of their life and said “it’s the only way to be.”

Demi shared to their Instagram story, “I no longer support my ‘California sober’ ways.  Sober sober is the only way to be.”  Their definition of California sober was cutting everything out except marijuana and alcohol, which they would consume in moderation.

Demi detailed why they initially chose to go California sober in their YouTube docu-series Dancing with the Devil.  Following the singer’s near-fatal overdose in 2018, Demi felt quitting everything cold turkey was not the best solution and worked with a recovery manager to determine the best plan for them. 

The Grammy nominee stressed at the time that recovery isn’t a “one-size-fits-all solution” and also going “California sober” isn’t for everyone.  But, of Thursday, it appears that no longer is for Demi, either.

Demi’s decision to go completely sober comes shortly after the singer honored their late friend, Thomas Trussell III, on his birthday.  Thomas died of drug overdose in 2019.  Demi showed off their tattoo of the letter T and wrote, “Happy bday @sirtruss. You’re unforgettable.  We miss and love you.”


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