‘Time, Tequila & Therapy’ is just what the doctor ordered for Old Dominion

Arista Nashville

With previous records titled Meat and Candy and Happy Endings, the stakes were high for Old Dominion to settle on an appropriate moniker for their follow-up to their 2019 self-titled album, as lead singer Matthew Ramsey explains.

“You know, when it comes to a decision like that, first of all, it can be daunting to name an album after we’ve sort of set a tone of album titles as we have,” he says.

It seems originally, the group of hit songwriters was headed in the direction of more clever wordplay.

“[There was] lots of debate that wasn’t real debate,” Matthew explains, “because our problem in this band is we are really good at making jokes that make ourselves laugh that no one else thinks is funny.”

“But we pushed it to the last minute,” he admits, “[with] the label knocking on the door, saying, ‘Hey, we gotta have a title for this,’ and us going, ‘Yeah, what about this joke and that joke?'”

Ultimately, the answer was hidden in one of the album’s tracks.

“Finally, we all sort of arrived at the title at the same time,” Matthew reveals. “We pulled that lyric out of ‘No Hard Feelings,’ and [from] different parts of the bus… we all came together and we were like, ‘What about Time, Tequila & Therapy?’ And we were all like, ‘That’s what I was thinking.'”

“So this band is tight!” Matthew adds, as the band laughs.

Old Dominion’s fourth album, Time, Tequila & Therapy, featuring their top-ten hit “I Was on a Boat That Day,” is out now.

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