Megan Fox opens up about overcoming a “pretty severe eating disorder”

ABC/Randy Holmes

Megan Fox didn’t shy away from discussing her mental health in a new interview, where she candidly discussed overcoming a “pretty severe eating disorder” that was triggered by childhood trauma.

Speaking to CR Fashion Book for their forthcoming CR PARADE issue, the Transformers actress opened up about her complicated relationship with body image and self-love.

“I came into the world really bright and sunny and happy,” she began, according to Daily Mail. “However, at a certain point, I went through some trauma in childhood and I developed a pretty severe eating disorder and manic depression, which runs in my family, so there was definitely some wrestling with chemical imbalance going on.”

Fox, 35, related her inner struggle to the character she played in the 2009 film Jennifer’s Body by telling the outlet, “As I got into my early 20s, that hell-hath-no-fury, a woman scorned demon did rise up in me…I did tap into that archetype a few times as well.”

“That’s kind of what you see in Jennifer [of Jennifer’s Body] — that sort of nasty streak that can exist if you align yourself with that ancient energy,” she said. 

Fox also opened up about being typecast as the vapid and pretty love interest in movies, and told the outlet, “I had always known that I was smart, so it was weird to have that one thing taken away from me now that I’m famous.”

“All of these other reasons that people recognize me, all of which I don’t resonate with or believe, and then to have the one thing that I do believe about myself be taken away, has been very challenging,” she said, slamming the “archaic slut-shaming, mom-shaming” in pop culture.


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