Watch all three of Elton John and rapper-singer Lil Nas X’s new UberEats commercials

Ben Gibson/Courtesy of Rocket Entertainment; David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

When Elton John announced Wednesday that he was going to be in an UberEats commercial with rapper-singer Lil Nas X, we didn’t expect to get three separate commercials — and three sets of fabulous costumes to boot.

Each ad is part of UberEats’ ongoing “Tonight I’ll Be Eating” campaign, in which celebrities detail what they’ve ordered and had delivered via the online platform.  The first one, “Rides,” shows Elton riding a coin-operated kiddie rocket ride, while Nas is on a similar one in the shape of a horse.

After each singer describes their food order, Elton asks Nas to loan him some money to gets his ride started, but Nas doesn’t understand him because Elton uses the British slang words for money: “bones,” “lolly” and “bangers and mash.”

Finally, an exasperated Elton says, “I don’t have any money!” to which Nas responds, in a British accent, “You don’t LOOK broke!”

The second clip, “Mayo vs. Ketchup,” features Elton announcing that he’s ordered a club sandwich with fries, with mayo on the side.  Nas, who’s sitting in a clump of flowers wearing a Louis XIV-style wig and playing a sitar — because why not? — responds, “Mayonnaise? On fries?” Elton responds, “A little judgy, don’t you think?” to which Nas adds, “That’s weird.”

The third clip, “Legendary Looks,” features Nas dressed in the multi-colored spangled feather outfit Elton wore on The Muppet Show, while Elton is wearing a pink cowboy outfit like the ones Nas wore while promoting his song “Old Town Road.”

“You look amazing!” gushes Elton.

“No, YOU look amazing,” responds Nas.

“Thank you,” replies Elton.

“Thank you,” says Nas. They go back and forth before Elton finally says, “You’re welcome.”

As previously reported, Elton and Nas have recorded a duet with will appear on both of their upcoming albums.

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