For Niko Moon, it’s gold boots and a “Good Time” out on tour with Lady A

Matthew Berinato

Niko Moon‘s debut single, “Good Time,” topped the chart back in March, and now that the accompanying album of the same name is out, the celebration is still underway — sort of.

“I ended up going to Lucchese and getting some boots for me and all the people close to me who helped me make the song,” he explains. “I had ’em made, you know, they’ll measure your foot. I got some custom gold boots made.”

“They’re still not here. I’m not gonna get ’em till December, and I ordered them in March,” he laughs. “So it’s like a nine-month boot baby.”

In the meantime, Niko’s out on the What a Song Can Do Tour with Lady A, and is already working on new music.

“It’s the first big tour I’ve ever been on and, you know, I got to be honest, I didn’t know none of ’em personally before the tour,” he tells ABC Audio. “And they are the kindest, sweetest people. It’s been amazing. And Carly Pearce and Tenille Arts are so sweet too. So I’ve had a lot of fun.”

“Me and Lady A have been writing a lot of songs together,” he reveals, “so it’s been great. These songs are coming out pretty good, I ain’t gonna lie, man. I mean, I got a good feeling that some of ’em are gonna see the light of day.”  

You can stream or download Good Time, featuring Niko’s new single, “Paradise to Me,” now.

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