AJR unites with Daisy the Great for new song “Record Player”

Credit: Shervin Lainez

AJR has teamed up with the indie pop band Daisy the Great for a new song called “Record Player.”

The track is a reworked version of the Daisy tune “The Record Player Song,” which was originally released in 2017 before finding a new life recently on TikTok. It was on TikTok that AJR‘s Jack Met heard the original song, and decided to reach out.

“This has never happened to us before, but we came across this Daisy the Great chorus, and thought it was the catchiest thing we’d ever heard,” AJR says. “We thought if we could team up with the artists behind that hook and build a new song using the existing hook as the basis, it could be something pretty special.”

You can download “Record Player” now via digital outlets. Its accompanying video is streaming now on YouTube.

“Record Player” follows AJR’s new album OK ORCHESTRA, which was released in March. It includes he singles “Bang!” and “Way Less Sad.”

AJR will launch a headlining U.S. tour in support of OK ORCHESTRA September 7 in Madison, Wisconsin. Daisy the Great is opening for the fall trek.

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