Weezer shares live “All My Favorite Songs” video from Hella Mega tour

Credit: Brendan Walter

Weezer has premiered a new live video for for “All My Favorite Songs,” filmed on the band’s ongoing Hella Mega tour with Green Day and Fall Out Boy.

The clip begins with a shot of Rivers Cuomo strumming a Flying V guitar and sporting a Billy-in-Stranger-Things mullet, suggesting that the live version is a bit different from the original, which appears on Weezer’s new, orchestral-driven album, OK Human. Indeed, the onstage rendition is much more guitar heavy than the studio recording, and would probably fit right in on Weezer’s other new album, the shredding Van Weezer.

You can watch the live “All My Favorite Songs” video streaming now on YouTube.

The Hella Mega tour continues Friday in San Francisco.

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