Lil Nas X drops feature length trailer to announce ‘Montero’ arrives September 17

Rich Fury/Getty Images

Lil Nas X finally let us know when we’ll be able to hold a physical copy of his long-awaited debut album — and that day is very, very soon.

The “Industry Baby” rapper dropped a feature-length trailer late Wednesday to officially reveal that Montero, the album, will drop September 17. 

In addition to the reveal, Lil Nas X also teased a snippet of an upcoming new single, but declined to reveal its name.

The video promo begins with a fake newscast, where the Grammy winner plays a homophobic newscaster who’s covering Lil Nas X’s “Industry Baby” prison escape and uses the same disparaging language his online haters hurl at him. The blonde, bowl-cut newscaster persona then snatches a fly mid-air with his frog-like tongue.

The video then begins playing Lil Nas X’s untitled new single as it cuts to him speeding down the highway in a vintage Chevrolet Impala convertible, toward the town of Montero. 

The montage ends with the “Old Town Road” rapper stopping by an old phone booth and dialing a code, which triggers a rainbow to shoot from the ground — causing him to fall through the hole Alice in Wonderland-style.  As he tumbles, he’s eclipsed by an oversized message that reads, “Lil Nas X presents the debut album Montero coming September 17.”

“Creating this album has been therapy for me. i’ve learned to let go of trying to control people’s perception of who i am, what i can do, and where i will be,” the 22-year-old shared on his Twitter. “I’ve realized the only opinion of me that really matters is my own.”

Montero is available to pre-order and pre-save now on Lil Nas X’s official website.

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