Vance Joy hopes to conquer mixing indecision to record new album for “early-ish next year”

Credit: Will Morrissey

Vance Joy released his first new solo single, “Missing Piece,” earlier this year, and he’s been working on even more new material. However, as he tells ABC Audio, the recordings so far are lacking, well, a “Missing Piece.”

“At the moment I’ve got quite a few songs that I’m liking,” Vance says. “I’m still doing that back-and-forth mix thing when I go, ‘Hey, is the first mix we did better than the 10th mix we did?’ and losing all perspective.”

Still, Vance’s mixing indecision isn’t as bad as say, Bruce Springsteen‘s, as The Boss detailed in his 2016 autobiography, Born to Run.

“They’d bring people in from the outside and they’d be, like, ‘This is an absolute mess, you can’t even hear the vocal,’ and he’s just, like, ‘Oh god, what have I been doing for the last year?'” Vance shares. “Just the madness of that thing makes me feel less stressed.”

Overall, Vance says he’s currently got “six or seven” songs that he “really like[s].”

“It would be nice to have two or three more songs that I was really stoked on, and then I feel like I’d have the full album,” he says. “I think looking at early-ish next year, so hopefully all that stuff falls into place before then.”

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