TJ Osborne on coming out as gay: “I didn’t realize what a sense of purpose it would bring to my life”

Connie Chronuk/ABC

TJ Osborne of Brothers Osborne is opening up about the impact of publicly coming out as gay, saying that his life has changed in “a lot of ways.” 

“I didn’t realize what a sense of purpose it would bring to my life to be here. I didn’t realize how much it would resonate with some people,” TJ told CBS Sunday Morningappearing alongside brother John Osborne.    

After host Gayle King shared a tweet from a mother citing the duo as a role model for her teen son, who has depression and anxiety and recently came out to her, the singer admits he didn’t initially consider how being open about his sexuality would relate to parents of queer youth “and how that would really help them to be able to help their relationship. That was something that never dawned on me,” he expressed. 

TJ also met a fan at a recent show who shared a heartfelt message with him. “I want to thank you for making a safe space for people like me to come the show,” the fan told him.

“And I thought ‘to me, that is worth more than anything,'” said TJ.

Brothers Osborne continue on their We’re Not for Everyone Tour through November 20.

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