Niall Horan and the Jonas Brothers go golfing — with a twist

Peter Morrison/PA Images via Getty Images

Niall Horan is taking over as guest host of Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday night, and he’s bringing the Jonas Brothers along.

In a preview clip obtained by People, Niall, Nick, Joe and Kevin meet up for a friendly game of golf — with a catch.

“Since we’re such good golfers we thought it’d be only fair if we were to play golf, we would handicap ourselves,” Niall says in the clip. “So in the Wheel of Stupidity here, we’ve got some balls with handicaps on them and we gotta do what it says.”

Niall, an avid golfer who has his own golf management agency, has to play in a kilt while wearing a full set of bagpipes. Joe has to spin around with his forehead touching the club and make his swings while dizzy, Nick has to cover his club in lube, and Kevin has to swing while the other guys blow air horns.

Tuesday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! will also feature Lizzo as a guest, and a performance from country singer Kane Brown.

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