Mekhi Phifer and Ron Cephas Jones discuss how ‘Truth Be Told’ introduced them to true-crime podcasting

Courtesy of Apple TV+

Mekhi Phifer and Ron Cephas Jones had something in common when they took on their roles in the Apple TV+ series Truth Be Told. The two actors admit they both had zero knowledge of the true-crime podcast world.

Jones, who plays the father of true-crime podcaster Poppy, tells ABC Audio that his “new appreciation” for podcasts began when he first started learning about them in season one.

“I didn’t have any appreciation at all,” he laughs. “It was the beginning of this particular show that…podcasts became something of an interest.”

He continues, “I much prefer reading a book than to just listen to somebody talk, or listen to some music. But, I’ve had a new appreciation for them and now it’s just about trying to find the right one that fits me.”

Ron’s co-star Mekhi, who plays former detective and Poppy’s longtime friend Markus, agrees, noting that he “really [hasn’t] listened to many podcasts” either.

“I’m an old school cat,” Phifer explains. “So when I’m in the car, I’m listening to The Groove on [satellite radio]. But I see the value in them though.”

Although he finds true-crime podcasts valuable from an investigation standpoint, Phifer says he also sees a downside to the popular audio programs. 

“I also can see the destruction in them,” he says. “Like even with Octavia [Spencer]’s character, [Poppy].  Because of her emotion, she would go off the handle and gives information on her podcasts that affect other people and other people’s lives. And people wind up getting killed and it affects their families. So, you really have to have the responsible journalism.”

Season two of Truth Be Told is available to stream now on Apple TV+.

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