Al Jourgensen’s the world’s forgotten boy with Ministry’s cover of The Stooges’ “Search and Destroy”

Credit: Derick Smith

Ministry has premiered a cover of The Stooges‘ “Search and Destroy.”

Al Jourgensen puts his signature industrial metal spin on the proto-punk classic for his band’s upcoming album, Moral Hygiene, due out October 1. He was originally inspired to cover the song after previously performing it with Billy Idol guitarist Billy Morrison and Dave Navarro of Jane’s Addiction during the pair’s 2019 Above Ground charity concert.

“We rehearsed it and the song was perfect but the show was running late and by the time we got on stage, I was in half time and singing the lyrics twice as slow,” Jourgensen recalls. “Fortunately Billy and Dave Navarro are professionals and they realized what was going on and sort of covered for me but I felt horrible.”

He continues, “Billy thought it actually sounded really good in half-time so he came to me with the idea of going into the studio and recording it that way. And I figured I owed him one.”

The “Search and Destroy” cover is available now for digital download. Its accompany video, which finds Jourgensen and Morrison rocking out together in the desert, is streaming now on YouTube.

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