Lil Nas X on how his gospel singer dad inspired him to pursue music

Courtesy of V Magazine

In a new cover story with VMAN, Lil Nas X reveals how his father’s musical aspirations inspired him to pursue a music career of his own.
“My dad is a gospel singer,” the 22-year-old tells the mag. “He still sings gospel but not as much. I guess [he] inspired me to say, ‘Wow, if my dad can go out there now, at almost 50 years old, and make music, what’s stopping me?’ It was definitely a part of what pushed me. I actually ended up using one of his engineers for some of my earlier music.”

With his upcoming album Montero — titled for Lil Nas’ birth name — the singer is putting himself out there more than ever before.

“The album is me inviting people into the world of me…into the world of Montero,” he says. “[This] project gave me the opportunity to bravely show different parts of myself. Parts that I may not have shown so openly previously.”

Lil Nas says he hopes people will listen to the album and learn something about themselves through learning more about him.

“I want the takeaway to be that it’s okay to be yourself, and I mean every aspect of your true self,” he says.

Lil Nas has yet to announce a release date for Montero, which features the songs “Montero (Call Me by Your Name), “Sun Goes Down” and “Industry Baby.”

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