Dude’s man crush TikTok about Jeffrey Dean Morgan goes viral — and gets a response from the man himself

Randy Holmes/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

TikTok user’s impassioned man-crush confession about Jeffrey Dean Morgan has gone viral, and even got a response from the Walking Dead star himself — as well as from his wife, actress Hilarie Burton Morgan

“Have you seen this guy speak, and the twinkle in his eye?” the poster, who ABC Audio discovered is Utah’s Chance Terry, says at the beginning of the video. “It makes me sick to think of growing old and not looking like this man.”

Terry then riffs, “It’s like Matthew McConaughey and Sean Connery somehow fused together and now you have the perfect old Southern gentleman — who’s also a f***ing badass.”

Terry continues, “If anyone in this world would have a pet shark that was tamed and would let you pet him, it would be Jeffrey Dean Morgan. He just strikes me as the type of guy who would take dangerous things and make them love him.”

Continuing an olfactory theme featured on some of his other posts, Terry adds, “Jeffrey Dean Morgan smells like you just woke up to a fresh cup of coffee — in the f***ing wilderness. And you swear you hear birds singing, but it’s just Jeffrey Dean Morgan.”

Morgan himself retweeted the video he was sent by a follower, asking fans to help identify his admirer.

Calling the man crush “mutual,” Morgan posted, “I’ve not laughed this much in a while,” adding, “I’m not afraid to say it…he’s a handsome YOUNG buck.”

He also noted, “that’s EXACTLY what I smell like.” 

Hilarie Burton Morgan replied, “@JDMorgan is exactly as you describe! The shark lives in the pool and JD smells amazing.”

Terry later revealed on Instagram that he was personally messaged by Morgan, telling followers “that he is one of the nicest people.”

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)

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