Travis Denning says he’s “so grateful” to return to live shows

John Shearer/WireImage

Travis Denning is returning to the road with a renewed perspective. 

As he jets across the U.S. as an opening act on Brothers Osborne‘s We’re Not For Everyone Tour, the “After a Few” singer says that he has a newfound appreciation for live shows and life on the road. 

“I’m just so grateful. It’s like a totally different perspective. I try to take every opportunity now to go do things on the road, versus maybe there were days I woke up and just sat on the bus and did nothing,” Travis explains to People“I remember the reason I love to do it is because I get to travel and do things.”

Travis also says he’s noticing a difference in the crowd, as more people seem to be in the moment and less occupied with capturing the show on their phones. 

“They’re really living in the moment. I think you can just see people who missed it so much. What’s cool is everybody on stage missed it, too, so where there used to be a little bit of a wall between the audience and us, it feels more like a celebration of returning to this thing that we love,” he continues. “It’s been really amazing to experience that with people and just feel like we’re right there together. It’s almost like we’re not even on the stage.”

Travis dropped his new EP, Dirt Road Dawn, earlier this month as his current single, “ABBY,” climbs the charts.

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