John Boyega shares details on ‘Attack the Block 2’: It’s “hot and a bit mad!”

Tristan Fewings/Getty Images

John Boyega is reminiscing about his first film role in Attack the Block, the 2011 U.K. sci-fi comedy where his character Moses, along with a gang of teens, help to save their neighborhood from a group of aliens.

Boyega tells ABC Audio that his seminal film did not receive the credit that it was due.

“The significance of Attack the Block is big,” he says. “I feel like Attack the Block was a movie that wasn’t understood because it was kind of before its time in a sense.”

Thankfully for Boyega, there’s now an opportunity for people to “revisit that world” with an Attack the Block sequel that’s currently in the works.

“[S]o much things have happened, especially in the U.K., between now and the first movie… We have so much to take from,” he teases.

While Boyega jokes that wielding a katana in his most recent film, Naked Singularity, was simply “muscle memory” from chopping down aliens in his film debut, the Star Wars actor says he’s all business when it comes to reuniting with his Attack the Block creatives.

“I actually have to leave the United States soon to get back to the U.K. to start the writing process with [writer-director] Joe [Cornish],” he reveals. “We’re actually gonna do that in my house.”

He continues, “We’ve already had a few creative sessions with the rest of the team, [producer] Nira Park, and some of the creative guys that were behind the first one. And yeah, we’re plotting. We’re bringing back… some cool people and definitely some new cast members as well.”

Aside from the new and familiar faces, Boyega says fans can also expect the same absurdity showcased in the first film. 

“It’s hot and bit mad,” he declares, laughing.

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