Ludacris releases new song, “Butter.Atl,” and video in partnership with Jif

Courtesy of Jif

If you thought peanut butter and jelly is the perfect pair, think again — it’s peanut butter and Ludacris.

The rapper has teamed up with Jif to launch the That Jif’ing Good ad campaign. Luda tells ABC Audio that while brainstorming ideas for their partnership, “it sparked the inspiration of going in the studio and making a song.” And, so he did just that.

Luda linked up with Bubba Shakespeare to produce the song “Butter.Atl,” which was released on Friday. For the visuals, he tapped Emmy-winning music video and film director, Dave Meyers.

Together, with some help from Atlanta’s finest new school hip-hop artist, Gunna, the components tell the humorous story of how Ludacris’ legendary flow evolved — all thanks to Jif peanut butter. 

“It’s like a dream collaboration,” he shares.

Also joining Luda on the project is his daughter, Karma Bridges, who makes a brief cameo in the advert, expressing her love for the song, saying, “Dad, this slaps!” The opportunity to have his daughter participate is one that Luda says was only natural. 

“Once you get [to] a certain time in hip-hop, it’s like you’re children are telling you what’s cool,” he explains. “She’s telling me about the track and the commercial and that’s why it was organic to put her in.” 

The collaboration with Jif was also organic for Luda, who shares that he’s loved the brand since he was a kid and that, after 20 years in the entertainment industry, he only does partnerships that are “organic to my lifestyle.”

“It truly is my favorite peanut butter,” he expresses, adding that “everyone around me knows the one thing that I do and never get tired of every day is eat peanut butter.”

“Butter.Atl” is now available on all streaming platforms. 

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