Jimmie Allen and his wife, Alexis, secretly got married a year before their public ceremony

Image Group LA/ABC via Getty Images

Back in May, Jimmie Allen and his wife, Alexis, gathered with family and friends for a gorgeous wedding celebration. But as it happens, that wasn’t their actual wedding.

In a new interview with People, the couple admits that that event was simply the first chance they had to celebrate their union with a group of people. In fact, they legally tied the knot almost a year beforehand — on June 18, 2020, which is also Jimmie’s birthday. 

“We’ve actually been married for a year,” Alexis says, but adds that taking their marital status public made this summer especially sweet. “Actually being publicly Mr. and Mrs. has been really exciting! I thought it was going to be the same, but I feel like it’s a new honeymoon stage for us. We get to wear our rings out in public.”

For his part, Jimmie says he was a little caught off guard by how much he enjoys being a married man. 

“I wanted to be a dad and do music,” the singer explains. “…The whole husband thing was not something I ever wanted to do. But Alexis changed that. Now I like it. It gives me some security — she can’t just be like, ‘I’m done.’ Divorce is a lot of paperwork!”

Speaking of family life, the couple is currently in the process of growing their family. Jimmie is dad to 7-year-old Aadyn, and he and Alexis are parents to 2-year-old Naomi. This summer, they announced they’re expecting a third child — another girl.

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