Listen to new Thom Yorke remix of MF Doom song “Gazzillion Ear”

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Radiohead‘s Thom Yorke has released a new remix of “Gazzillion Ear,” originally recorded by the late rapper MF Doom.

The updated recording, dubbed the “Man of Fire Remix,” surrounds the beloved masked MC’s lyrics with electronic elements that wouldn’t sound out of place on Kid A. You can download it now via digital outlets.

Yorke has actually remixed “Gazzillion Ear” once before, as a bonus track for Doom’s 2009 album Born Like This. In fact, both remixes were recorded around the same time 12 years ago, though the “Man on Fire Remix” has never been released until now.

While the released piece was simply titled the “Thom Yorke Remix” when it dropped, Yorke himself personally referred to it as the “Monkey Hustle Remix.” Both the “Monkey Hustle” and “Man on Fire” titles reference lyrics from the original song.

Yorke is a big fan of Doom, and collaborated with him multiple times throughout his life. After news broke of his death late last year, Yorke called Doom a “massive inspiration.”

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)

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