Tickets to my hair fall: Machine Gun Kelly debuts new shaved-head look

Credit: Sam Cahill

Earlier this week, Machine Gun Kelly posted a photo of himself sporting a shaggy, Kurt Cobain-esque hair style while announcing his new album, Born with Horns. Well, we hope you weren’t to attached to that look, because it’s already gone.

Thursday night, Kelly tweeted a new photo revealing his current hairdo — or, more accurately, lack thereof. The “Bloody Valentine” rocker shaved his entire head, apparently for the video for the upcoming Born with Horns single, “Papercuts.”

The picture also reveals a large triangle drawn on the top of his head, though it’s unclear if that’s a permanent tattoo or something more temporary.

We’ll presumably see more of Kelly’s new appearance when the “Papercuts” video premieres Wednesday night at 9 p.m. PT.

The shaved-head isn’t the only new aspect of the MGK look — he also got an arm tattoo that reads “Born with Horns,” as did Travis Barker, who’s executive producing the album.

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