Ringo Starr to share some special news Thursday during TalkShopLive event

Credit: Scott Robert Ritchie

Ringo Starr has announced that he’ll be paying a visit to the TalkShopLive social-networking site’s Rock n Roll Channel this Thursday, August 12, at 7 p.m. ET to share some exciting news with fans.

In a video message promoting his appearance, the famed ex-Beatles drummer says, “Peace and love, everyone. Peace and love. Everyone, it’s Ringo, I’m here and I’m coming to TalkShopLive with some news for you on August the 12th at 4 p.m. [PT]…See you there!” Visit TalkShop.live for full details.

While it’s unclear what Starr will be announcing, Peter Frampton revealed in a post on his Twitter feed in early July that he’d visited Ringo and got to hear an upcoming EP Starr has recorded. Frampton also posted photos on his Instagram that appear to show him possibly laying down guitar parts for a new Ringo project.

Starr’s most recent release was the Zoom In EP, which hit stores in March.

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