People=…well, you know: Slipknot’s Clown plans to keep wearing mask post-COVID because “people are filthy”

Katja Ogrin/Redferns

As a member of Slipknot, Shawn “Clown” Crahan is used to wearing a mask. But that’s not the reason he’ll continue to wear a face covering, even in a post-pandemic world.

Speaking with Forbes, Crahan revealed that he’s “not ever going to stop wearing a mask, COVID or not.” Why? Because “people are filthy all over the world.”

“We live in a filthy world, and we live in a world where people don’t wash their hands, they wipe their nose and they open the door and then you touch it,” Clown says. “I have four children and I know what it’s like to drop your kid off at school and they come home sick and then you’re sick.”

Of course, Clown’s comments probably aren’t surprising to anyone who’s heard Slipknot’s Iowa classic, “People=S***.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Clown speaks about the progress on new Slipknot music, and how the pandemic has affected the “highly intense” recording process.

“When we were in the studio if we were in the control room and around the engineers that worked for the studio, we had to wear masks,” Crahan explains. “If we were in the live room where we were recording around each other, and we had all been tested, we didn’t have to wear masks. But, if an employee was in there we’d have to put them on.”

“Now I think about nine months ago and it was even more restrictive,” he adds. “So it’s been very challenging to say the least.”

Slipknot’s most recent album is 2019’s We Are Not Your Kind.

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