Hear Alessia Cara’s new song for ‘PAW Patrol: The Movie’

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Following the news that Alessia Cara had recorded a new song for the upcoming animated film PAW Patrol: The Movie, the song has now been officially released.

Called “The Use in Trying,” the song carries a message of encouragement, urging the listener not to give up, because you’ll learn a valuable lesson if you keep on pushing. 

“Hold your head up/You’ll find your way home/You won’t get what you give sometimes,” Alessia sings. “When the dust all settles/And the smoke all clears up/There’s pieces of yourself you’re gonna find/Maybe that’s the use in trying.”

As previously reported, Alessia wrote the song for a specific scene in the movie that emphasizes “the importance of courage.”

“I wanted to write something that could not only teach kids that they’re not always going to win, but that there’s real value in trying anyways because of the lessons you find on the other side,” she explained. “That’s a sentiment we can all understand, the further into life we go. Navigating life is never easy, but it is always worth the shot.” 

PAW Patrol: The Movie, based on the preschool series, arrives in theaters and on streaming on Paramount+ on August 20.  Adam Levine also has a song in the movie, titled “Good Mood.”

Alessia’s no stranger to movie songs, of course: She sang “How Far I’ll Go,” which appears over the end credits of the 2016 Disney film Moana, and the song “I Choose,” which appeared in the 2020 Netflix animated film The Willoughbys.  She voiced one of the characters in that film.

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