Beyoncé confirms new music on the way: “Yes, the music is coming!”

Campbell Addy

In a new cover story with Harper’s Bazaar, Beyoncé confirms that new music is indeed on its way.
“With all the isolation and injustice over the past year, I think we are all ready to escape, travel, love, and laugh again,” she tells the mag. “I feel a renaissance emerging, and I want to be part of nurturing that escape in any way possible.”
She adds that she’s been in the studio for a year and a half, meticulously crafting new songs.
“Sometimes it takes a year for me to personally search through thousands of sounds to find just the right kick or snare,” she says. “One chorus can have up to 200 stacked harmonies.”
Beyoncé says making music still feels “just as exciting as it did when I was nine years old” and nothing compares to  “the amount of love, passion, and healing that I feel in the recording studio.”
“Yes, the music is coming!” she says.

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