Injured in a video game? Attorney Bryan Breynolds, no relation to ‘Free Guy’ star Ryan Reynolds, is here for you

The plight of the poor NPC — that means non-player characters in the background of games like Grand Theft Auto — are at the center of Ryan Reynolds‘ upcoming movie, Free Guy

In the film, Reynolds plays one of those, a bank teller named Guy — and, as NPCs often do, Guy often finds himself a victim of random crimes at the hands of online players.

Finally, however, there’s law firm to stand up for these beleaguered characters: The Offices of Bryan Breynolds.

In a take-off of cheesy TV slip-and-fall attorney ads, a mustachioed Reynolds asks injured NPCs: “Have you ever been shot at, body slammed, flame-throwered, hit by a train, or emotionally demeaned? We can tell you if you have a case.”

You can trust him: he calls himself the #1 Xbox NPC Personal Injury Law Firm in all of Free City — the video game Guy unwittingly thinks of as his real life home.

Free Guy hits theaters August 13 from 20th Century Studios, which is owned by Disney, parent company of ABC News.

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